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6 times Girl Math was just too relatable

OK, if I didn't use cash, I basically didn't spend any money!

Well um... who's going to tell her?

Welcome to Girl Math. This TikTok trend made its major debut on social media as it finds ways to justify some of our not-so-reasonable financial decisions. From rounding down to make things seem cheaper to even thinking you're getting "free money," Girl Math has srsly made its way into our hearts and saved us a dollar here or there. 

While some of the Girl Math logic might not be as technical as 1+1, the math is definitely mathing.

Using an online account to buy a bev makes it free


From swiping your Starbs card to scanning your Dunkin' QR code in the drive-through, buying a morning pick-me-up with money already in your account or even Apple Pay basically makes it on the house. In other words, buy guilt-free, for free babe.

Buying enough for free shipping saves you money

So you've made the perfect online shopping cart, but as soon as you're about to hit buy, you see those bold words reading "Spend $5.49 more for free shipping." I mean, how can you ignore free shipping *and* an extra item? Tbh, don't spend too much time thinking whether you *really* need it or not, just hit buy and wait for your bonus gift in the mail.

Paying for concert tickets early makes the concert free


As soon as that GUTS tour notif came up on your feed, you just *had* to get your hands on those tickets. If you were able to snag a promo code and even tickets (yeah, we are def jealous), don't worry about your bank account taking a hit. According to Girl Math logic, by the time the concert rolls around months later, it's really like you didn't pay at all. Enjoy the free show, bb.

When the girlies Venmo you back for food, you just made money


The weekend totally calls for branching out from your girl dinner. The solution? Getting a treat with the girlies, ofc! If you offer to pay for everyone's end-of-the-week outing and they Venmo you back, you totally just earned more money than you started with (mid-day brunch, anyone?).

Returning that top is basically like getting a paycheck


We've all been there. The *it* piece you found in stores is totally not giving IRL. As annoying as it can be to have to go back in person to return it, Girl Math totally rewards you by saying that getting money back is like getting extra money (extra money = more money to spend on something else!).

Buy one get one free? Buy it or you lose money

Saying no to a BOGO deal is hard enough, but Girl Math says if you don't grab those denim cuties off the hanger, you just lost some serious money. Get out of line and go get them before they're gone, GF.

What Girl Math moment do you relate to the most? Let us know on Insta @girlslifemag!

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by Annika Chaves | 9/28/2023