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Mini mood-boosters to kick-start spring

Spring has officially sprung! With winter melting away, we enter the season of rebirth. As springtime welcomes the opportunity to reset, we're here to give you all the ideas on how to boost your mood as you head into this chapter.  

Soak up the sunshine

One of our fave things about spring? The opportunity to go into the great outdoors, ofc! Even better, getting some fresh air is a simple yet effective way to improve your mood. Research has shown that spending time outside and getting in touch with nature leads to reduced levels of anxiety and stress, amongst *tons* of other benefits.

When it comes down to making the most of your time, the possibilities are endless! Whether it's starting your own garden, hosting a spring picnic for your besties, going on a family bike ride or even just taking yourself on an after-school walk, we know you'll find the perfect outdoor activity in no time. Making room in your schedule to soak up the sunshine will totally work wonders for your well-being. 

Freshen up


If there's one thing spring is known for, it's the gorgeous flora of the season. With that comes the tantalizing scents of the season, much needed after an oh-so-cold, snowy and rainy winter. Picking out a new fragrance, whether in the form of perfume, essential oils or air freshener, will give you a total refresh perfect for a new season. Having a sweet-smelling environment can help improve your overall happiness and well-being, which is def the vibe we're searching for this spring.  

Make a vision board

Spring is the season of personal growth and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to create a vision board! Vision boards are a great outlet for keeping track of your goals and serve as a helpful reminder to stay motivated, even when you're struggling to find inspiration. Plus, they'll encourage you to get excited about what's lies ahead for you this spring, from picking out your perfect prom dress to touring your dream college.

There are *so* many different ways to design your vision board—maybe you'll go the digital route and use a platform like Pinterest Shuffles or Canva or you'll opt to start from scratch with the arts and crafts supplies. Whatever you choose, having a visual representation of your dreams will def bring some much-needed positivity to your life. 

Adjust your workout regimen


Bye snow, hello sunshine! With the clouds clearing alas, now is the perfect time to get back outside and perfect a workout regimen. While the long winter could have had you in an exercise slump (curled up beneath blankets on the couch sounds superior to braving the icy winds outdoors), now is when you should be getting back out there. Whether you decide to your tennis shoes and jog over to your local park or pump up your bike tires and go for a ride, your body *and* mind will thank you. 

Curate your media mood

Summer makes an ode to books like The Summer I Turned Pretty and movies like Call Me By Your Name. Fall calls for Dead Poets Society and Scream, while Christmas time means Love Actually. The point is, a lot can be said about a season by the books, movies or shows you associate with it. So what better way to start the season than by watching a happy film with springtime cinematography? Some of our personal faves include Howl's Moving Castle, Tangled and The Secret Garden.

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by Madeline Morrow and Samara Smukler | 3/28/2023