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5 ways to give back to your community this Thanksgiving season

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, giving back to your community is a great way to show gratitude and help others. But sometimes, it can seem like the only thing to do is to make a monetary donation. While this is always helpful and appreciated, there are other ways that you can make as much of a difference. If you are looking to put in a little time over this holiday season to give back, then you have come to the right place. We've got the DL on giving back with five easy and low-cost ideas.

1. Starting a coat drive

A coat drive is such an easy way to help members of your community in need. Colder months are some of the hardest for people who cannot afford outerwear. Get together your friends, family, school and everyone you know to collect warm winter items like coats, long-sleeve shirts, new socks, hats, scarves and gloves to donate. Some charities will even take blankets or sleeping bags.

2. Volunteering at your local food bank

Most food banks are always looking for volunteers, especially on busy days like Thanksgiving. By spending just a few hours handing out food or putting together bags, you are helping more people get meals.

3. Donate items to a shelter of any kind

If starting a coat drive seems like a big task, then even just donating a few things to a local thrift store, charity shop or shelter is the perfect way to easily give back. You can also donate things like blankets, towels, homemade or purchased treats and toys to your local animal shelter. Furry friends need help this season, too!

4. Send Thanksgiving cards

A great and easy way to brighten someone's day is with a card. You could make some by hand to give to a shelter or hospital or use websites like Feeding America to create virtual cards. This only takes a moment, but a kind letter can really make a big difference. 

5. Set a few extra places at the dinner table

Do you know anyone that might be spending this Thanksgiving by themselves? Try inviting them to your own Thanksgiving dinner (if you celebrate) to bring them some company and maybe liven up your own night. Make sure to ask your parents first!

How are you giving back to your community?

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by Miriam Riley | 11/24/2022