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How to break outside of your comfort zone

New school year = new chances. And with two whole semesters ahead of you, right now is the perfect time to branch out and try something new. Signing up for clubs and sports tryouts can be tough, but putting yourself out there is definitely rewarding. If you're looking for a guide to get yourself to the audition room, you've come to the right place. Here are some tips to step outside of your comfort zone and achieve your goals.

Believe in yourself

It's always important to believe in yourself, especially when you're trying something new. Although it might seem scary at the time, remember throughout the process that you can do it. Before the tryout or audition, imagine how you want the process to go. Think about everything from your outfit to where you'll sit and take *lots* of deep breaths.

Just go for it

Walking into the audition room can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process. However, it's the most important step. Whether you're heading to the soccer field or walking into an informational meeting for the fall talent show, the first step is to sign up. Take several deep breathes and remind yourself that you can do it. Confidence is *always* key.

Talk to your support system

POV: You just arrived at cheer tryouts feeling extra nervous, so you decide to text your BFF for last minute advice. Chances are your bestie will probably gave you a pep talk and encouraging words to carry with you. If you're feeling the need for some support, text or call your family and friends. They'll give you good advice and stay with you no matter how the end result plays out.

Be confident

When you're trying something new, it's normal to feel nervous and second-guess your abilities. However, remember to believe in yourself. Take a deep breath, smile and remember that the nerves will go away with time. Chances are that halfway through the experience, you'll realize that it isn't so scary after all.

Congratulate yourself

Even if you didn't end up getting the lead in the fall play, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back. You pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone and tried something new—and that's *definitely* deserving of some self-love. Remind yourself of what you accomplished and that there's always another chance to go after what you want.

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by Elizabeth Gregg | 8/31/2022