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9 positive Instagram accounts to follow ASAP

Tbh, Instagram is a confusing place. It can be addicting and toxic in *so* many ways. (Srslu, who hasn't compared themselves to other people on social media this week?) But by refreshing your following list (think: following accounts with only positive and encouraging vibes), Insta can actually be a safe space filled with tons of empowerment and inspo. It's time to follow these amazing accounts to give your feed a *total* glow-up, bb. 


If you follow Spencer, you can expect tons of adorable fits and body positivity convos. Spencer is a total inspiration.  


From bringing us along on her intuitive eating and self-love journey to posting filter-free selfies, Victoria keeps it real.



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 We have heart eyes for Shay. Trust us, she'll be sure to light up your feed. Shay's Insta is flooded with good vibes, smiles and relatable parking struggles. Us too, Shay. Us too.



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Ava Jules is the unofficial older sister of Instagram. As the*queen* of candid pics and relatable content, she's definitely worth a follow.


From her adorable cottage core lewks to her activism posts, Bri is the icon we all need.


After giving Lana a follow, you can expect tons of gorgeous graphics...not to mention total good vibes. 


This account is all about self-improvement and wholeheartedly showing up for yourself. Oh, and the uber aesthetic self-care graphics? Say no more. 


This simple but sweet account will be sure to brighten up your day by reminding you how important it is to stay mindful and love yourself.


PSA: Self-care *is* for everyone. From mental health check-ins to self-care reminders, this account is a total mindset shifter.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 1/22/2022