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5 Taylor Swift quotes you need to hear in 2022

I don't know about you, but we're feeling 2022! A new year is finally here...and with all the dreaming we do about reinventing ourselves, it can be easy to forget what life is all about. But it's totally OK, bc Queen Taylor has got us covered with five perfect pieces of advice to keep you on the right track throughout 2022. 

1. "Past me, I had to tell you not to get lost in these petty things. Your nemeses will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing."

Taylor Swift is absolutely not new to dealing with the haters...and she continues to shake it off despite all the hype about her Reputation. This quote from her hit song "Long Story Short" perfectly encapsulates what to do when you're faced with anything trying to dim your light. As Taylor sends a message to her old self, she encourages all of us to not dwell on the little things and let everything play out the way it is meant to be. 


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♬ long story short bridge - Jess ✨

2. "Grow up one year at a time. Get excited about the things you're excited about, and live life one year at a time." 

Growing up, we're all anxious to grow older and do all the things we see in our fave movies and TV shows. Maybe you're dying to get your driver's license, move to a fancy New York City apartment with your girl squad or attend your dream college. No matter where you are in life, it's so important to enjoy where you are in the moment—because you'll never be the same age again! Of course, it's okay to dream about the future, but take some time to appreciate what you have right now.


I love listening to her talk about deeper stuff like this cos honestly it’s so true and it’s so natural to want to always grow up and be older than what you are- this is great advice @taylorswift ##swifttok ##taylorswift ##redtaylorsversion

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3. "If something's toxic and it's only ever really been that, just move on."

Have you been nervously waiting for your bestie to end her toxic relationship? Or stuck in a friend group that's making you feel small? We know it can be hard to hear, but sometimes the best thing you can do is remove yourself from a situation and start the process of moving on. You deserve to be treated like the boss that you are. If you know this situation all too well, take it from Taylor and start working toward letting it go. 


u deserve better!!!

♬ original sound - Lily Kincade

4. "You can find romance in your life even if you aren't involved in a romance." 

When it seems like so many people are enjoying their Lover eras, we can easily feel left out of all of the fun. True, having an S.O. to share your life with is always a plus, but spending time with yourself allows you to focus more on your hobbies, friendships, random adventures and so much more. You can romanticize *any* aspect of your life that you choose. Don't feel limited by single life: Think of it as an adventure. 


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5. "You don't have to forgive and forget to move on, you just become indifferent."

If "I Forgot That You Existed" has been your anthem recently, maybe it's time to reassess your current relationships and take that next step to living your best life. Maybe you've been hurt by someone you love, are searching for better friendships or are just feeling stuck in an extracurricular you don't enjoy anymore. No matter the circumstances, you can take charge of your narrative and get over anything standing in your way. 2022 is the year of entering our Reputation eras and this is the perfect first step. 


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♬ Touch - Mattia Cupelli

If you ever need a reminder that you're fearless, you can always rely on Ms. Swift for the perfect cure. Put on your best dress and dance around in the rain—because you are going to crush it all throughout this new year. 

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by Jasmine Robinson | 1/13/2022