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21 *perfect* Insta captions for winter 2021

Goodbyyyeee 2020! The longest year *ever* is finally behind us and helllooo—2021 means a fresh start (and hopefully better days ahead!). Have winter wonderland photos galore? We've got the perf Insta caption to post 'em with. 

❄️ Hindsight is 2020

image: @sofiedossi

This joke is pretty much impossible not to make. There's no way we could have seen what was coming in 2020 (see what we did there?).

❄️ Had about enough of this 2020 vision...going back to my glasses in 2021!

image: @emmachamberlain

It's not too late to get a few more tasteful perfect eyesight puns in while we still can.

❄️ Winter hibernation mode on

image: @lanacondor

Turtleneck? Check. Cozy socks? Check. Netflix Gossip Girl marathon? Check.

❄️ Since there's really no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

image: @midoriglory

These lyrics? They speak new volumes in the age of COVID-19. Oh, to be able to go out again...

❄️ S-no-w problems here!

image: @daniellaperkins

A friendly reminder that we're out here still making the most out of whatever 2020 gave us and whatever 2021 is bringing!

❄️ The cold never bothered me anyway

image: @kendallvertes

Hello—are you even a real Disney fan if you aren't quoting Frozen all winter long?

❄️ Up to snow good ;)

image: @kourtneykardash

*Perf* for a pic with the besties.

❄️ New year, who dis?

image: @olivia.ponton

I'm sorry...the old me can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh! Cause it's 2021.

❄️ Bright lights and winter nights

image: @devoreledridge

Winter may go by fast, but Insta pics are forever.

❄️ Baby, it's cold outside

image: @niasioux

There's nothing better than a snow day, ofc!

❄️ "Thank u, next" -Me to 2020

image: @lizgillz

BIG goodbye to 2020! We won't miss you!

❄️ Sleigh all day

image: @avani

Show off that super cute new puffer coat.

❄️ Keep calm and eat latkes

image: @sophiabush

It's *never* too late for the perfect Hannukah latke—even if it is a few weeks late.

❄️ Stepping into 2021 like...

image: @chloelukasiak

Just because we can't have our annual NYE parties doesn't mean we can't strut into 2021 looking *flawless*.

❄️ When life gives you snow, make snow angels

image: @itsjojosiwa

Like lemons and lemonade, but make it ~festive~.

❄️ I'll be wearing these sweatpants all winter long

image: @charlidamelio

Let's face it: Our fave sweats were the It Trend of 2020—and it looks like they'll be back for 2021... 

❄️ Some people are worth melting for

image: @abbyelizabethoward

Perf for a photoshoot with the siblings under the tree.

❄️ Ice to meet u <3

image: @dararenee

Whether you're brand new to skating or you're a seasoned pro, we're sure you're looking cute while you're on the ice.

❄️ All dressed up and nowhere to go

image: @lilyjcollins

That New Year's holiday #OOTD is too cute not to post—even if you're spending the night in.

❄️ Happy Howl-idays!

image: @hayley.leblanc

As long as you have your furry friends, 2021 is going to be a cake walk, right?

❄️ Haven't you heard? Ugly sweaters are all the rage for 2021

image: @joeyking

It's called ~couture~.

Happy posting!

Which holiday caption are you going to use? Let us know on Insta @girlslifemag!

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by Elina Graham, Erin Sargent, Hayley Miller, Lexi Casazza and Sophia Zhang | 12/22/2020