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Black girls—you matter

Image: Samantha Dorisca

I am a black girl who grew up in the suburbs. I live in an area where the only form of blackness seen in certain spaces was by looking in a mirror. My natural hair was oftentimes misunderstood. Trying out a new protective style turned into an exhibition for my peers, almost as if it was a radical life-changing event. In reality, what was radical was their commitment to misunderstanding my existence.

Being told " I can't see" by students while in class sporting my big, beautiful afro. Hearing racial slurs used casually but falsely justified through microaggressions was not uncommon. You may have heard these common phrases: "It's just a song lyric" or "It's okay, I have a black friend." Oftentimes, I lived a parallel reality in comparison to my peers.  A wave of fear crippling my body at the sight of flaring blue and red lights, being conditioned to be extra cautious, or the pressure to be ten times better to achieve success.  Navigating through society as a black girl has not always been easy, but I am here to remind you—you have always mattered, and you will always matter.

Your presence

I write this to say, black girls you are beautiful. Every fiber of your existence is precious and your presence is contagious.



Your crown

Your hair is your jewel from my 4c girls all the way to my 4a girls. Water your crown, let it grow, don't allow the pressures of society to ruin your roots. Prosper, young queens.



Your melanin

Your skin is a blessing, never intended to be viewed as a threat. Walk confidently with your head held high After all, we are the blueprint.



Beauties in different shades 🤍🤍 melanin 🖤🖤 @islandboiphotography

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Your voice

Allow your voices to shake the room, never allow your desires to be silenced.


Your personality 

Your personalities vary in every shape and form. All so unique and wonderfully made. Thank you for always being you.


Some of us have protested, some of us have signed countless petitions and some of us have donated to organizations fighting injustice. If you have been feeling emotionally or physically drained, do not feel guilty for taking the necessary steps time to protect your mental health. Because you matter, we want to make sure you are practicing self-care five with five helpful tips.

1. Journal

Keep track of your daily thoughts. Create a safe space within your journal that will validate how you feel each day. Your thoughts matter too.

2. Need to de-stress?

Listen to your fav artist, grab popcorn while you watch your fav Netflix series or read that new book you've been avoiding.



3. Be active

Take a walk around your neighborhood,  try an at-home workout or have fun with a challenging routine on Just Dance.


Working on getting my <standing splits> 100% perpendicular // any tips ?

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4. Talk to someone you trust

A venting session is only a text, facetime or skype call away. Talk to those who make you feel comfortable and can uplift you when you are feeling down.

5. Be creative

Maybe you're the next Picasso, Iron chef or Maya Angelou. Explore your hidden talents, you may surprise yourself. 




What does self-care look like for you?  Tag us on Instagram @girlslifemag!

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by Samantha Dorisca | 6/24/2020