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Why every girl needs a female mentor

Being a woman in a male-dominated society has its challenges. Women are still fighting for equal pay at their jobs and to be seen as leaders who are capable to take on higher positions at work. Even in our everyday lives we sometimes have to demand for our voices to be heard. On top of that, we are trying to navigate through our adolescent years as we grow and develop into womanhood. *Whew*

So then why exactly do you need a female mentor? Because there are women who have gone through the same issues you are currently going through and will go through, so know that you are not alone! A mentor is a trusted person who can give advice and train you over a period of time. Having a mentor-mentee relationship offers a safe space for you to get the encouragement, support and tools you need to be empowered to take on your future, through shared experiences. 

How to find the right mentor
Start with the ah-mazing women in your life. It could be your mom, an aunt, a teacher or manager at work. It will be easier to go to them and trust them rather than a complete stranger.

There are also various programs and organizations that offer mentorship and allow you to join to receive a mentor. These mentors vary by experience and career field, so if you are looking for something specific this route is for you!

Qualities to look for in a mentor
When choosing a mentor, find a woman who is open enough to share their experiences with you and can be trustworthy to keep a tight-lip on the things you share with them. Also, find someone who will make time for you. Life can get *super* busy, fast, and it will be a waste to have someone who is not interested or tied up in other commitments. 

Most importantly, find someone who has experience and lots of wisdom to share. You will get more out of the mentorship when you are learning from someone who has been through many real-life situations and have lessons learned.

And as a mentee, be open with your mentor and clear on what you want out of the mentorship. Whether it is life advice, career tips or learning how to be more confident in yourself, you will get the most out of it by your willingness to learn and grow!

Who are women in your life who you look up to? What is one thing you want a mentor to help you discover? Let us know in the comments!


by Toyin Akinwande | 4/28/2018