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Make your next party a "PhilanthroParty" with Lulu Cerone


Over the past seven years, 17-year-old Lulu Cerone has helped over 4.2 million (!!) people through her philanthropy work while also finding fun ways to continue making changes to the world. After the tragic Haiti earthquake in 2010, Lulu wanted to help those in need and decided to start a lemonade stand war with her 5th grade class. Two weeks and $4,000 later, Lulu created her organization LemonAID Warriors.

She didn't stop there. Lulu has become known for her "PhilanthroParties" where friends would get together and hang out while also helping others. And now she wants to help you do the same! Lulu's book PhilanthroParties will be out next month and has all the tips you need to throw your own PhilanthroParties. We chatted with the do-gooder below for a sneak peek...

Lulu's top tips for hosting a charity party
1. "Pick a cause that you connect to. The first and most important step is finding a cause that matters to you. It can be something as big as protecting the environment or as small as doing something nice for that elderly woman who lives alone on your street. If it upsets you or gets you angry, then that's your cue to take action. That personal passion will keep you motivated and make your work all the more meaningful."

2. "Pick a date. If you are a busy person, like me, it can feel impossible to add something to your schedule. So here's a tip: pick something that is already on your calendar.  Have a team party, birthday party or family get-together coming up? Turn them into PhilanthroParties! And remember that PhilanthroParties don't have to be big. Any social gathering can be transformed into an opportunity to give, even something as small as a sleepover with a few friends."

3. "Pick an action. Decide on how your guests will take action! PhilanthroParties can be about collecting money, but most of the social actions in my book are about hands-on activities that support causes, raise awareness or spread kindness. Find a creative way for your guests to learn something about the issue, give them something they can do at your party to help out, or suggest gently used items that guests can find in their homes to donate."

Why should you throw a PhilanthoParty?
Becoming involved with philanthropy helps a lot of people (yourself included), but "when girls come together and work as a group to give back to others, we become kinder and more empathetic towards each other as well. And the younger you start, the more likely you will be to continue being generous for the rest of your life. We need to step up our game and make social good a part of everything we do, and we can start by adding it to our social lives."

Three celebs Lulu wants to party with 
1. Lorde. "Because she's hands down the voice of this generation and also one of the coolest people ever." Amen, sister.

2.  Emma Watson. "Because she's an incredible actress and a UN ambassador.

3. Beyonce. "Because she's queen of the world."  

Most embarrassing party moment 
Lulu showed up to her crush's birthday party 24 hours early...and his mom answered the door and told her to come back the next day. Lulu didn't go back. Eek.

Would you throw a PhilanthroParty?  What causes do you want to make a difference for?  Let us know in the comments below!

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by Cali Drouillard | 4/19/2017
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