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This girl is goals: Ally traveled across the world to achieve her dreams


Teens are capable of anything: running a business, raising cash for a cause, making a difference, inspiring others. There are great girls everywhere—and in our new “Great Girls” series, created in partnership with Barbizon Modeling, we’ll shine a light on remarkable young women with incredible stories. Whether you get some solid ideas or just some serious inspo, take notes on these top-notch teens—and maybe we’ll be sharing *your* story someday soon.

Meet Ally…

Sometimes it takes a little time, some hard work and a go-getting attitude to figure out your future. That’s exactly what happened to Ally. By traveling abroad to Cambridge, England to study law for the summer, not only did Ally experience the trip of a lifetime—she also discovered a passion and talent for law and debate. Now, Ally's using the skills she gained to achieve better grades in school and inspire others to do the same. Check out our interview with Ally to find out more about her amazing experience. 


Girls’ Life: What inspired you to travel abroad and study law and debate? 
Ally: I have always loved traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people. It’s one of my favorite things to do. My friend came to me and told me there was an opportunity to do this Summer Discovery program. So I looked into it and I loved it! I ended up taking a pre-law course and did really well. It was similar to a college experience where we stayed in dorms, had a schedule and then we would go into the town of Cambridge. The whole cultural experience and meeting people from around the world was amazing.

GL: What was your favorite memory from studying abroad? 
Ally: So many! But I would say my favorite was probably when we got to sit in on live cases at the court house in Cambridge. It was really interesting to see how their court system worked in action.

GL: Do you plan on pursuing a career in law in the future?  
Ally: Definitely. I'm now confident that I want to do the pre-law track in college. I find it super interesting and I think it’s a great way to help people and learn to solve problems. 

GL: What advice could you give girls who dream of studying abroad? 
Ally: I would tell anyone to go for it. The overall experience is amazing and there are tons of programs out there—so with a little research, you'll be able to find the program that's right for you. Just be prepared to be *very* confident. You have to put yourself out there. You have to say, “OK, this is what I want to do. I want to travel, so I just have to go for it.” You have to take the initiative. 

GL: You debated in Cambridge Union Debate Hall. What was that like? 
Ally: I was honestly so nervous going into it. It was one of the most famous debating halls in the world. But it’s really empowering to get up in front of people and speak your mind. You are going to need that skill in life. And after it was all over, I was really proud of myself.  

GL: How has what you learned in England transferred over into your school work at home? 
Ally: It transferred over in a big way. It really taught me to manage my time. We always wanted to go out and do fun things, like see the change in guards. But you had to make sure you got all of your work done first. Time management was a big one for me and the experience definitely carried over. Not only did my grades improve at home, but I am about to start an internship at a law firm. 

And there was one last thing Ally wanted to mention... 
Ally: I really hope girls are able to express themselves and gain self-confidence and explore what they're passionate about. I wasn’t always the most confident person in high school, but going through this, I have come out of my shell and become who I want to be. 

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by Emily Mullin | 2/17/2017
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