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15 ways to make major moolah this summer

Sick ‘n’ tired of pet sitting and lemonade stands? Can’t deal with another late-night babysitting gig? Try these fresh ideas for making moolah this summer, no matter how old (or young) you are!
Go artsy
Summer is the season for community fairs, festivals, carnivals and block parties. The most successful gatherings offer up entertainment for all ages, and that means tots, too! If you’re artsy, try setting up a face painting or fake tattoo stand. Sell your designs for a few bucks and have a blast!
Be a helping hand
If you’re in a rural area, many farms and stables will hire tweens and teens to help take care of animals and keep the farm tidy. Stuck in suburbia or a city? Offer your fix-it or cleaning services to your neighbors.
Design diva
Put your computer skills to good use by designing flyers for parties and community yard sales, birthday invites and holiday greetings. Be sure to account for all of your costs, including printer ink, when you decide on your prices.
Long live summer camp!
If you’ve been attending the same camp for years, it’s a good idea to speak to the director about becoming a junior counselor. While you might not get paid, you may get a discount or a free session of camp. Ask Mom ‘n’ Dad if they’d be willing to deposit the money saved into your bank account.
Clean it up
The worst thing about pets? You’ve gotta clean up after them! This idea certainly isn’t glamorous, but we’re betting people will pay some serious bucks to avoid scrubbing their cockatiel’s cage or ridding the yard of puppy poo. Add on refilling bird feeders and birdbaths, and you’ve got yourself a money-making operation.
Set up a car wash
Decide on a few hours one or two afternoons (or mornings) a week for your summer-long car wash biz. While neighbors could drive to the nearest one, having you nearby is an easy alternative, and probably cheaper than a bigger business. Offering cookies and lemonade will keep ‘em comin’ back week after week.
Shop ‘til ya drop
If you’re located in a city or small town where you can walk or bike to a variety of local stores, consider becoming a personal shopper. You can pick up groceries, drug store sundries, dry cleaning and other miscellaneous items for busy folks on the go.
Bake sale
Speaking of cookies, if your goodies are gettin’ famous, why not put ‘em up for sale? We love the idea of setting up a treats-in-a-hurry biz. Customers can email their orders (say, a tray of brownies for a party the next day), and you can whip them up in time to take the fiesta. Homemade hostess goodies without the hassle? Perfect-o!
Pool party
Many pools and gyms offer concession stands that need to be manned by someone, so why not you? Inquire to see if they have any openings and if you’re old enough to man the register.
Clowning around
Wanna have a blast this summer? Grab a couple of friends and form a troupe of clowns. Practice your gags and physical comedy before marketing yourselves as the birthday party entertainment of choice.
Do you deliver?
Some businesses around town, like pharmacies and restaurants, might be interested in hiring you as a delivery girl. Similarly, offices and store managers who can’t go out for lunch would love to be able to hire someone to bring food in. If you’ve got a bike, you should be set for local deliveries.
Go green
As the temps soar, homeowners are taking to turning on the sprinklers. Offer to water houseplants and move the sprinkler around while they’re at work, so that they can come home to a lush green lawn.
Child’s play
For a twist on typical babysitting gigs, try holding a summer school for kids in the morning. You can alternate get-‘em-moving activities like dance and sports with a story hour to keep things educational and active.
Painting princess
The summer months are ripe for home renovation projects, but oftentimes people start working on something and never finish. A helping hand could be all that’s needed to finally scrape off that peeling dining room wall paper or freshen up the patio furniture with a coat of paint or a quick stain.
Think freelance
There are a lot of little odd jobs people and small companies need help with, from writing up newsletters to designing websites. Take stock of your skills, head to an office supply store to print up flyers and business cards and ask your parents to spread the word.
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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016