11 ways to make your bestie's day

Whether you've found your go-to squad or you're branching out to find new besties to add to your crew in 2022 (discover who's meant for you here!), we know you're always looking for ways to be the best BFF you can be.

And while you're hosting your girls for a sleepover or scrapbooking together on a Saturday afternoon, we're dishing on simple ways to brighten your bestie's day—all thanks to LEGO Friends (check out their sweet sets HERE).

Watch the video below and read on for *all* the can't-miss friendship tips...

1. Start a project together

Share a love for the stars? Start an astronomy club together at school. Spend hours making beaded bracelets? Pair up and start a jewelry business. "It's an awesome way to get to know each other better and to form an even deeper relationship," says GL girl Eva.

2. Plan a unique hangout

"Putting a twist on your favorite activities is a fun way to get to know people better," reveals GL girl Jasmine. Example: Next time you go thrifting, pull together a look for each other. Not only will you score an amazing new outfit, but you'll learn more about your friend's style.

3. Send them a sweet letter

Nothing warms hearts faster than a handwritten note. (Not to mention that getting stuff in the mail is one of the best feelings ever.) "It's so fun to get out all my pens and markers, draw some doodles and write my friend a thoughtful letter," shares GL girl Riley.

4. Make them a photo collage

Speaking of feeling sentimental, nothing says "best friends forever" like a photo collage featuring your closest crew. Gather pictures from your best moments as a group and create an artsy spread, complete with glitter and stickers. "In a year (or 10!), you can look back at those memories," says GL girl Serena.

5. Have a tech-free hangout

You all love spending time together, so why not try turning off your phones while you do it? "Go to the park and actually talk to each other! Just sitting there and checking in with your friends is so important," shares GL girl Kayden. And being present in the moment is one of the *best* gifts you can give.

6. Read a book together

Bonding over books is an amazing way to learn more about someone—and find some fresh new reads while you're at it. So share your go-to novels with your go-to gals (book club, anyone?). "Once you're done with a book, put it inside your friend's locker or even mail it to her. You can leave little notes in the margins, sharing your thoughts," suggests GL girl Lena. "Or start a new book together and set a time to talk about all the twists and turns."

7. Be there on a big day

"I love to send positive vibes on the big day of a test or project," reveals Riley. Handing them their favorite kombucha or sweet snack in between classes shows you care—and support them to be their best.

8. Recreate old photos

Serena suggests gathering your group and timehopping your most iconic moments for some *major* nostalgia. "Find some old photos and recreate them by wearing the same outfits and posing just like you did when you were younger," she says. "You can discover how much has changed about all of you—and how much is still the same."

9. Support their favorite organization

Do they love to volunteer at the animal shelter? Sign up to do their 5K fundraiser walk with your pup. She's the head of the climate change club? Ask if she needs help making posters for your school's rally. "You'll learn more about what your friend is passionate about—which can only help you grow closer," shares Jasmine.

10. Host a spa night

Ready for the ultimate relaxing evening? Lena loves to prep face masks, manicures and makeup for a chill hangout with her crew. "When the school year gets crazy, it's the perfect way to unwind, catch up and show some self-love," she says.

11. Make a personalized playlist

Pump them up before a big game (yay!) or give them all the feels after a breakup bummer (tears) by making them an old-school mix. "Add songs that you love to sing together or songs that make you think of them," shares Eva. Awww.

How do you love to show your bestie you care? Let us know on YouTube HERE—and check out LEGO Friends HERE for *all* the fun and friendship.


by GL | 11/29/2021