How to grow your social circle this school year


A new school year is always a great time to expand your horizons and explore new opportunities. One of the best ways to do this and step out of your comfort zone is by branching out and making new friends! Whether you're starting fresh at a new school or are looking to grow your group of besties, here are tips on how to grow your social circle this upcoming school year.  

Join a new club or sports team. Getting involved in school extracurriculars not only lets you explore things you're passionate about, it's also a great way to branch out outside the classroom and meet people who have similar interests as you! Audition for the school musical, try out for the tennis team or join Art Club — the possibilities are endless, and you never know where you could meet your potential new bestie. 

Find common interests. One of the best ways to connect with new friends is to bond over your similarities. If you see the girl in your Spanish class wearing a T-shirt of your fave band, discuss your thoughts on their newest album. If you absolutely *love* someone's outfit, give them a compliment and start talking about your favorite fashion trends. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there — finding common interests is a great way to start chatting with someone new, and you can let the conversation easily flow from there. 

Form a study group. Creating study groups or finding a study buddy is a great way to better know the people in your classes, and gives you a support network to help you succeed! Gather your favorite snacks as you make color-coded flashcards together for biology, proofread each other's English essays and quiz each other before that big history test. Knowing you've got each other's backs will help you bond, and as a bonus, will make study sessions *a lot* more fun. 

Invite them to hang out after school. Now that you've established new friendships within your school environment, the next step is to spend more time together and bond. Host a Harry Potter movie marathon over the weekend, have a dance party in your room to your fave Taylor Swift songs, check out that cool hiking trail near your house or go grab brunch at a cute cafe. Spending time with your new friends outside of school gives you the opportunity to have fun, make new memories and form closer relationships! 


Most importantly, be yourself. It's never fun pretending to be someone you're not just so certain people will like you. If you want to find your true friends, then being yourself is always key. If you find that you don't bond with someone, that's okay! The important thing is that your put yourself out there and gave a new friendship a try. Know that there are so many people out there who will appreciate you for you, and being yourself makes it easier to see who you *really* connect with. 

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by Maya Camu | 8/9/2021