5 signs that you've found your people

Everyone can say that they've found their BFFL's...but let's really put your friendship to the test. Do you and your besties meet these five criteria? 


1. Wherever you are, they're always just a few steps behind. 
Whether you all are heading off to a back-to-school get together, or walking the halls during your first few weeks back, everyone always knows that wherever you are, your besties can't be far behind. If you get invited to something, everyone automatically assumes that they actually just invited five more people to the party.


2. They like every part of you, even the bad. 
The best of friends will always accept you for your true self. They love everything about you from your obnoxious laugh to the whaling noises you make when you cry. Your true besties love that your unique personality adds something special to the group that they wouldn't be able to find in anyone else.


3. They will always be there for you.
Your perfect girl crew will always have your back. Even if you get yourself in a situation that's stickier than honey, they are always ready to be your superhero and save you from the worst of all disasters.


4. They will be painfully honest with you. 
This can be a tough one to accept, but out of all the signs, this one is a major key to consider when finding your people. Real besties will always be honest with you, even if that means telling you things that you don't want to hear. They look out for you with your best intentions at heart.


5. You will always find each other.
Life can get chaotic and crazy busy, but no matter how much time passes or miles that come between you all, you always can pick up your friendship right where you left off.

Are your friends besties for life? Share below!

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by Kara Brown | 7/24/2017