Yes, social media *does* impact your friendships


How often do you see Snapchat stories or Instagram posts of your friends hanging without you? It doesn't feel great, and it happens more often than you'd like. You're not the only one feeling this waysocial media can disconnect friends. The things only *you* used to know about your best friend are now public, and you feel slightly betrayed. So, what does this mean? Is it time to go on a social media detox? Not exactlythe way you and your friends use it can make a difference. If your crew uses social media as a weapon rather than a tool, you might want to read on.

Social media is a fun way to connect with friends and keep up with current events. It's awesome to know more about the people in your life, and you love seeing pics of your pals having fun. There's nothing wrong with sharing an exciting moment or accomplishmentbe proud of yourself! Issues stem when people share too much, or post things they know they shouldn't. For example: posting something to make someone jealous or spilling secrets about your ex-friend. It may not seem like a big deal, but using social media to embarrass or harm another person is a form of bullying.

How people interact with your posts has an effect on your self-esteem, and vice versa, too. Mental health probs like depression and anxiety can stem from social media, and it's easy to play the blame game. Everything feels like a popularity contest and, out of nowhere, you feel the need to prove yourself to your friends. You're always worried about the next big thing and how you can be a part of it. It seems to be the only way to fit in these days, but we have great news: you can be yourself *and* use social media for good.

The first step: Don't worry about what others think. Do what makes you happy, and be kind to your fellow peers. Encourage your friends to include everyone and don't be afraid to stand up. If your friends' posts are revealing too much or crossing a line, calmly address the issue with them. You shouldn't be afraid to tell your friends how you feel and you should always encourage them to do the right thing.

Has social media impacted any of your friendships? How did it feel? Let us know how you dealt with it in the comments! 

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by Julia Bonney | 5/16/2017
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