Every relatable GIF for the days when your BFF isn't in school


You walk into first period Spanish class, look around the room and your BFF isn’t there. You think she’s probably running late...until the bell rings and class starts. You instantly get that feeling where your stomach turns and you begin to ask yourself, “What?” “Who will be my partner during class?” “How am I going to survive lunch without her?” Her absence was totally unexpected and you have no idea how your day is gonna go without her right by your side. Below are some of the most relatable emotions that we all feel when our BFF takes a sick day off of school.

“Huh? She never misses school.”
Did she miss the bus? Get abducted by aliens? Your BFF missing school is strange, but not giving you a head's up text? Even stranger.

“Aww…I hope she's ok!”
You then jump to the conclusion that she’s sick and you hope that she feels better. And then you realize you've def been exposed to her germs...*cough* *cough*.

“How dare she leave me alone?!"
…But it’s halfway into first period without her and you can’t control yourself. You're surrounded by people you don’t like very much and get that feeling of deep anger. 

“Did she do this to me on purpose?”
There then comes a point where you’re so frustrated that you even begin to question yourself. Did you do something wrong? Is that why she’s not in school? DW though, that’s *never* her reason for staying home. 

“Wow, I feel so lonely w/o her :(”
Since she’s not sitting right next to you in class or walking with you in the halls, you may feel like the biggest loner in school. But don’t let her absence stop you from socializing! Talk to your other pals and conquer the halls with confidence.

The next day…

“I missed you so much!"
It’s as if you haven’t seen her in ages. You’re def not letting go of her this time. She’s walking with you everywhere...whether she likes it or not!

“But don’t even think about leaving me again."
You set her straight and make sure that she never leaves you alone again because, let’s be honest, you guys really are inseparable.

How do you feel when your BFF isn’t in class with ya? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: YouTube.


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 10/31/2019