6 fun activities to do with your family this holiday

The holidays are all about family togetherness. But sometimes, watching the same Christmas movies every weekend and running out of things to decorate can be a bit frustrating. This holiday season, try something new with your fam and make some new memories.

1. Thrift store Secret Santa


Everyone loves gift exchanges, but the process of getting a gift can break the bank. Thrift store Secret Santa is a perfect family activity for present exchanges. The cost is low, it's sustainable and you can find something really fun and unique. 

Challenge: Pick out your person for Secret Santa, set a spending limit with your fam, choose a thrift store and each of you have 20 minutes to find and buy a gift.

2. Winter Olympics: Family Edition 

While ice skating may not be everybody's niche, there are a ton of winter activities that you can make games from. Family Winter Olympics is a fun and exciting way to get active and compete against your family (lovingly, ofc).

Challenge: Create different "sporting events" (outdoor example: snowball fight, indoor example: cup pong), break into teams and have fun!

3. Make your own game

Getting tired of Candyland? Try making your own game! Whether it's trivia, dice or cards, creating up your own game with your fam is a great way to bond and make new memories.

Challenge: Each member of the family comes up with a rule. Incorporate something personal about yourselves in the game...and play nice!

4. Gingerbread house competition


Making a gingerbread house is fun, but making a gingerbread house like you're a contestant on The Great British Bake Off is even more fun! Have each family member design their own house and show off your creativity in a fun, frosting-filled competition.

Challenge: Each family member gets a house. Write down house themes and pick one out of a hat, timer optional!

5. Silly holiday card photo shoot

Holiday cards can be boring. A silly holiday card photo shoot is a great way to add a little fun to your card. Show everyone that your fam doesn't just mean business.

Challenge: Each family member picks out another member's outfit.

6. Decorating stockings


If your fam is a little more on the crafty side, try decorating stockings! Stockings are always fun to hang around the house, especially when you customize them.

Challenge: You pick a stocking theme as a family.

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by Grace Transom | 12/15/2022