10 signs you're *super* close to your family


Friends can come and go but family is forever and that probably explains why you know *everything* about each others' lives.  Check out the list below of the signs that you are super close to your family:

1.  During holidays you're more excited to see all of your family than the food.

2. Honestly most of the pictures you post on social media are of each other.

3. When you have problem you turn to them first for advice.

4. If your plans get canceled you're not-so-secretly happy because now you can just chill with your fam.

5. Your weirdness comes out in full force when you're with them and they don't judge you.

6. When you order at restaurants you can order their drink (and food) without having to ask.

7. Saying "I love you" before leaving the house or hanging up the phone is a must!

8. Communication doesn't always require words between each other.

9. Nobody messes with a member of your family unless they want to deal with the whole family.

10. You have a group chat that needs to be texted in everyday.

Are you super close to your family?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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by Cali Drouillard | 3/10/2017
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