Marvelous gifts any mom will love (including this cute charger!)


Mother’s Day is almost here, and there’s no better way to spoil your mom than with the love and gifts she deserves. Whether your mom's a techie, loves animals or needs something to carry her groceries in, we've got something for everyone. Figure out the best way you want to celebrate your mom, but you won’t have to worry too much about her not liking it—pair it with a heartfelt card and you can't go wrong.

Grovemade Walnut Planter, $39


Got a working mom, or a mom who works from home? This cute little planter brightens up any desk—which makes the work day just that much easier to get through. Plus, the walnut wood is beyond sleek and polished. Bonus points if you're able to help water it!

Friendship Collar, $35


Get matching accessories for mom and her furry friend and you might just become the favorite. Plus, these matching bracelet-collars are seriously cute and they come in all different colors and patterns for both dogs and cats. There's bound to be one that is perfect for your mom.

Thank You, Mom Locket, $52


This sweet little locket will remind your mom everytime she wears it how much you love and appreciate her. Plus, with it's little thank you card and flowers, it's beyond cute.

Jute Tote, $30


What girl doesn’t love a fun tote bag? Whether she's taking it to the beach or just the grocery store, your mom can rock this too cute tote.

Framebridge Frame, $39


You know how every year you post a pic of mom on Instagram with a super sweet message? This year, get it framed so Mom doesn't have to scroll to find it.

Kind Notes, $30-40


Want to say something special to your mom but not sure how? These jars of small, sweet notes are just the thing. Well-decorated and customizable, Kind Notes jars will let you share a special sentiment with your mom every day for the next month. Can you sib beat that?

Wood Calendar, $30


Sure, it's May, but you can never plan too early for next year—and this calendar is just too pretty to pass up. Pick out twelve photos of your mom and her favorite people—or pictures of some of her favorite memories, like that vacation you took last summer—and submit them through Artifact Uprising to create a cool, personalized gift.

The Art of Fleur Coloring Book, $16


Moms can get pretty stressed, and coloring is a great way to relieve that pressure. Double up on books and finish pages together, then compare your different-but-both-beautiful works for a pair project.

Beauteous Backup Battery Pack, $35


Got a mom who always forgets to charge her phone before leaving the house? Grab her one of these babies and she'll never be out of touch—or out of style.

Truly Spectacular Flowers, $30


Flowers are a classic present—and when you buy them in the All Across Africa vase, you can contribute to a fund that helps kids go to school, buy clothing and shoes and receive healthcare. That's a gift that really gives.

What's your fave gift you’ve ever given your mom? How do you show her you care? Tell us in the comments below!


by Alexa Matthews and Chelsea Duff | 4/25/2016