Dad keeps terrifying your dates? How to get him to tone it down

When we see movie dads namedropping their trusty shotgun as they see their daughters walkin’ out of the house on the arm of a new dude, it’s pretty hysterical. But when it’s your dad staring down your way-nervous date? Yeah, not so funny. While we can’t promise that’ll he drop the Man of Terror act completely, here are a few convo starters that’ll make a big difference.

“Is it OK if Brian comes over to watch the game?”

Why? Because having the new guy over where he can see him—and see him interacting nicely with the whole family—will make him more comfortable about letting him take you out on the town.

Be smart: Pick an occasion that will allow your guy to shine. If he’s not a football fan, don’t invite him over for the big game. If he’s shy, introducing him to the whole extended fam at one time might do Dad’s dirty work for him!

“Hey dad, Brian’s thinking about applying to Notre Dame. Why don’t you tell him about your undergrad there?”

Why? Because getting him talking about something he’s passionate in and is eager to share with others will get him past the desire to make your guy disappear.

Be smart: Head off the intimidation factor by getting them engaged in a conversation about something your guy and your dad have in common. Just, uh, avoid politics if the similarities end with “they both like politics.” If they aren’t hollering over the same thing, that’s not going to end well.

“Dad, it really upsets me when you talk to Brian like that. I feel like you don’t trust me to pick a good guy.”

Why? Because he might think it’s just fun and games, but really, he’s messing with your social life and turning an already awkward situation into a disaster.

Be smart: Don’t accuse Dad of being mean or over-protective—that’ll just put him on the defense. Instead, talk about how his actions make you feel, to turn the conversation into a productive one.

What’s the worst thing your dad has said to a date? Tell us your crazy stories in the comments!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016