Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I can't tell if my crush likes me back"

Dear Carol, 

I have a crush and every time I see him, I always wonder if he likes me back. I really want to date him, but I don't know if he likes me. 

-  I Don't Know If He Likes Me Back

Dear I Don't Know If He Likes Me Back,

What some girls forget is the answer is not only a yes or no. It might be: not yet. Is there a way you can get to know this boy better and let him get to know you? Is there someone who can introduce you? Gather up some friends to meet at a lake or pool or pizza place ad see if you can hang out with him so that he can see how wonderful you are. Can you organize a giant game of cards or charades or Codenames or a movie night or trip to a water park?

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by GL | 7/28/2023