Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I told this guy I like him, and his response confused me"

Dear Carol, 

I told this guy I like him. Then I asked if he liked me back, and he didn't give me a good answer. He said "Kinda," so then I asked "What do you mean?" He said, "I like you a little bit." What does this mean? Do you think he said that he likes me a little bit just to be nice—or does he actually like me? And how do I ask him? Please let me know ASAP.

-  I Like This Guy

Dear I Like This Guy,

"Kinda" is a perfectly fine answer, especially since he may not want to declare himself too soon and may not know exactly how he feels. Don't press for details. Boys like to protect themselves, too. So take a breath and be patient. When a couple hurries things, either or both individuals may find that they wish they hadn't moved so quickly, emotionally or physically. Instead of interrogating him, keep getting to know each other and see if you both start feeling more and more. Won't it be fun, if you do?

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by GL | 7/10/2023