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There’s a full moon in Virgo on Feb. 27—here’s what that means for you

This month's full moon will be ruling over you on February 27th, and this time it's in Virgo. 

Keep your eyes open because this moon will be ruling your gut feelings and those sensitive emotions—they might get bold and out of control (in a good way!). 

While the full moon is in Virgo, it will bring more awareness to the practical things in life. There might be some clear changes in the material world so let go of your expectations—personally and relationally. Some things might not be perfect and that's totally OK. 

However, try to be in control within your personal life. Virgo will illuminate things that need order in a choatic world. Now is the time to continue and complete those things you keep pushing off—work, habits, health, routines. This full moon is cheering you on! 


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by Allie Lijewski | 2/27/2021