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3 all-natural deodorant alternatives

Look, we get it: We all want to smell good, and deodorant is an essential part of that. It helps mask some serious B.O. that we don't want *anybody* smelling (especially that cute guy from gym class).

But the truth is that deodorant isn't right for everyone. With news coming out that certain deodorants cause chemical burns and sensitivity (yikes), it might leave you wondering if there are safer, all-natural alternatives. Well, you're in luck! These options will keep you feeling fresh—while also making sure you smell good.

Witch hazel

Target, $4

You may have used witch hazel in the past as part of your skincare routine. But did you know that it works great as a deodorant alternative? Witch hazel removes spare moisture from the armpit area and kills bacteria, two of the leading causes of stinky armpits. Plus, it doesn't leave any residue. If you do choose this option, you will have to reapply during the day, since it doesn't last as long as regular deodorant. Simply apply with a cotton round and enjoy clean-smelling skin!

Coconut oil

Amazon, $8.54

What's this...another product you might've used in your skincare routine? Maybe you even have it in your pantry! Coconut oil is antibacterial, meaning that it can stop odors. Simply apply a dime-sized amount of this versatile product under your arms with your fingers or a cotton round. Pro tip: Make sure the oil dries completely before putting on your shirt or dress! Coconut oil can stain if not given enough time to dry.


Amazon, $35

If you're looking to start incorporating supplements into your routine, deodorant supplements are a great way to start. It Just Works has capsules packed with detoxifying ingredients that are proven to help gently cleanse the body from within. How? By working to absorb the toxins in your system before they are released through your skin and breath. If you're looking for a long-term option with plenty of beneficial ingredients, these supplements are your new besties.

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by Rory Durso | 11/2/2022