Your Bod

Looking for the perfect bra? We found one for *every* mood

You deserve to feel cool, comfy + confident, no matter what's on deck. Enter Bleuet: The bra designed just for teens, with super soft fabrics, tons of sizes and sweet styles. Plug in your planner and snag your best bra...

Today you are...BUSY

💖 Your perfect bra: Bleuet's Bleum Petal bra. Even when you're constantly on the go, this bra stays put, giving you comfy support and coverage that lets you focus on what matters most (aka the next club presentation you're leading). Dream on, ambitious queen.

Today you are...SPORTY

💪 Your perfect bra: Bleuet's Bleum Racerback bra helps you stay supported during any type of workout. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat at bay, while adjustable straps give you the comfiest fit. Oh, and did we mention it's totally reversible in two fun colors? Score.

Today you are...THRIVING

⭐ Your perfect bra: The Iris Soft Cup Pullover bra from Bleuet works with *all* your fits. It has removable padding, plus it comes in six neutral shades (translation: it won't show through your tops, win). Bc you know that every luxe look starts from within.

Today you are...CHILL

😴 Your perfect bra: Enter peak relaxation mode with Bleuet's Aster Organic Racerback bra. The buttery soft jersey fabric keeps you cool 'n' comfortable (bonus: it's tag-free, so no itchiness here), so you can zone in on hanging out.

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by GL | 7/17/2022