Tips and tricks to Earth Day-ify your exercise


We all know exercising is good for your bod. But let’s make it healthier for Mother Nature, too. It's time to revamp your workout routine and make it oh-so green!

1. Ditch the treadmill, turn off the workout DVDs and put down the iPod. Get away from the powered equipment and become besties with nature by rejuvenating with a run or even a brisk walk in the good ol’ outdoors. Even hopping on your bike will avoid using power.

2. Next time you plan to take a jog around the neighborhood, bring a garbage bag and pick up the excess waste lying around. The community—and your abs with all that leaning over to pick trash up—will most definitely be thanking you for the difference you’ve made!

3. Don’t forget some of the more simple things you can do to have a greener workout routine. Before you go to grab yet another Arrowhead or Aquafina, wrap your hands around a reusable bottle instead. 

4. Yoga and Pilates workouts are super soothing, but you can really get relaxed by lighting a few candles rather than turning on the lights. You will be conserving electricity and your mood lighting will help to completely immerse you in the zone. Just be careful!

5. If you’re a yoga babe, try using a mat that is 100 percent eco friendly. Stretch and do those breathing exercises on something that is completely biodegradable and recyclable, not to mention comes in a variety of totally awesome colors that can go great with your workout clothes/bedroom (which is totally one of the most important factors-duh!).

Do you have any tips on making exercising good for the environment? Let us know!

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by Jami Katz | 4/20/2019