Fun at-home workouts to do on your next snow day

There's nothing better than waking up early in the morning to the text that school's been cancelled. Extra zzz's? Yes, pls! But once 3 p.m. hits and you're craving a sweat sesh, what's a girl to do when you can't leave the house? These no-equipment at-home workouts, ofc.

Just grab a water bottle and roll out your mat. and we'll take care of the rest...

Set the scene

First things first, pick out your workout outfit that's both comfy and suitable for some sweat (think: yoga pants + sports bra). Sneakers are optional for at-home workouts, but thick, warm socks will keep your toes covered from the chill.

Next, we have to curate an upbeat playlist that will motivate you to get up and get moving! Here are some of our recs: 

1. "Yes, and?" by Ariana Grande
2. "Greedy" by Tate McRae
3. "Vampire" by Olivia Rodrigo
4. "Dance The Night" by Dua Lipa
5. "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus
6. "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift
7. "Stick Season" by Noah Kahan

Get ready to sweat

Now that you have your perfect workout fit, playlist and space, you're ready to get moving. If you typically prefer to sweat it *all* out and really rev your heart rate, a high-impact workout will probably be your vibe. But if you just want to take it slow (while still feeling your muscles working, ofc), a low-impact workout is the way to go.


For each round, do 30 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds of rest between each round. You can repeat these rounds as much as you'd like, but we recommend repeating three times max (otherwise, you might be dealing with sore muscles later). 

Round One                         
Jumping Jacks                    
High Knees                         

Round Two
Cross Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Jump Squats
Butt Kickers

Round Three
Sumo Lunges
Russian Twists
Push-Up Jacks
Plank Hold


Do each exercise for 10 reps each. It's best to flow into each exercise, but don't sweat it (get it?) if you need to take a quick break. 

1. Glute Bridge: Lay on your back with your feet planted on the ground and your arms by your sides. Slowly raise your hips and squeeze at the top. Then, slowly bring them down.

2. Toe Taps: Lay on your back with your legs up and bent to a 90-degree angle. Tap each foot to the ground and bring it back up. For an extra challenge, try tapping both feet down to the ground at the same time.

3. Hundreds: Lay on your back with your legs up to a 90-degree tabletop again. Place your arms by your sides and hovering off the ground. Bring your shoulder blades off the ground with your core engaged and begin pumping your arms up and down. 

4. Rollups: Start in a seated position with your knees to your chest and feet flat on the floor. Exhale and roll your body slowly to the ground. Inhale and slowly roll back up.

5. Back Extensions/Swimmers: Lie on your stomach and raise both your arms and legs off the ground. First, start by raising both arms and legs at the same time. After that, begin to alternate your left and right side in a hover motion, almost like you're swimming.

6. Cat/Cows: Start in a tabletop position on the mat. Begin to arch your back and your head back. Hold. Now, curve your back in the opposite direction and let your head hang. Hold.

7. Side Leg Circles (both sides): Lay on your side with both legs extended. Raise your top leg and begin circling your legs forward. Now, circle them backward. Repeat on the other side.

The Cool-Down

Congrats! You finished your workout. It's always encouraged to stretch after a workout to relax and roll out your muscles. (Hint: This prevents any soreness and tightness you might feel later!) Be sure to hold each post for at least 20 seconds.

1. Butterfly Stretch
2. Forward Fold
3. Spinal Twist
4. Chest Openers

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Top image: @julia.breuing


by Britney Kirwan | 1/31/2024