Here's why you need an exercise BFF

Exercise is hard—everyone knows that. The consistency, the discomfort, the excessive sweat…the list goes on. But you know what makes everything a little easier? Your bestie by your side. Because yes, that minute-long plank does feel a little (just a little) shorter when you’re having a convo with your best girl.

Having a workout bestie is a great way to stay in shape *and* an excuse to hang with your BFF. Exercise-based friendships are our new fave type of friendship—here's why. 

Exercise BFFs...hold you accountable

Probs why we want (or low-key need) an exercise BFF in the first place—they keep you working out after that initial motivation wears off. Even if you aren't particularly excited to hit legs at the gym again this week, knowing that your bestie will be there to make you laugh and work out alongside you makes the gym a lot less of a pain. 

To keep you and your bestie working hard, we recommend making a weekly workout schedule. Make sure it's manageable for both of you. If one of you looooves cardio and the other won't be caught anywhere near a treadmill, make sure to mix and match. Don't forget to prioritize rest days, too.


Exercise BFFs...make time go by faster 

Sometimes it seems like weekends spent with your gal pals cause time to fly by, while just half an hour of running feels like a million years' worth of work. Having an exercise bestie helps you find a happy medium. While it still might be uncomfortable to do ten pushups in a row, having a friend to joke about your upper body strength (or lack thereof) with makes the reps feel a little faster. 

Still constantly checking the clock, even with a BFF by your side? Refrain from repeating workout sets. There are *tons* of YouTube workouts that can help keep you from feeling like you're stuck in a squat for eternity. Need a rec? We heart MadFit's no-repeat HIIT workouts. 

Exercise BFFs...can wear cute workout fits with you

Fact: Putting on a cute workout set makes exercise more fun. Also fact: Working out with your BFF makes exercise more fun. If you add the two facts, you'll have double the fun while working out—because that's math, obvi! 

Whatever the actual equation for exercise enjoyment is, it's gotta include a cute fit and a good friend. If you plan out days to wear certain colors (bright pinks and reds are an exercise staple), or save up to buy the same pair of sneaks (we looooove Hokas!), every workout will be more like a fashion show and less like, well, a workout. 


Exercise BFFs...have the *best* convos

Whether you're on a little jog or hitting weights at the gym together, there's always something special about workout convos with your BFF. What can we say? When you're both struggling at the same time, you might be more apt to be vulnerable with your BFF. If you're in need of someone to rant to, go for a run. The lack of eye contact makes spilling your guts a little less intimidating. 


Exercise BFFs...cheer you on

The best part about an exercise BFF? The positivity! When you're both exercising for a common goal (run a 5K, benchpress 70+ pounds, etc.), any successes are a win for the both of you. Bc let's be real, your workout bestie basically doubles as your on-the-go cheerleader. And we allll need a cheerleader in our lives every once in a while. 

Psst: Want to be the coolest exercise BFF? Surprise your bestie with a gift for meeting one of her goals. Whether it's a DIY recovery smoothie or ice cream on the house, it's sure to make your workout bestie's day. 


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by Laila Mayfield | 12/9/2023