Our go-to workouts to glow up your Monday mood

If your at-home gym basically just consists of you, yourself and your go-to athleisure set, DW: That's really all you need. Once you've done your stretching, try out one of our five fave fuss-free workouts that'll sweat out your Monday misery...

One-Stop Workout

On those long "gotta-cram-for-finals" nights, a brief sweat sesh can help you reset (and keep you energized). But when you don't have any more mental capacity to come up with a whole workout plan, what's a girl to do? Play this video, obvi: It hits *every* major muscle group in just 30 minutes. Simply grab a pair of dumbells and stretch it out before you get started.

Fangirl Fitness

Did you love Olivia Rodrigo's new album GUTS? If that's the motivation you need for your a.m. workout, you will love this quick sesh, set entirely to tracks from the album. 

Slow Strength

Maybe your Monday needs a little mindfulness. This vid will give you a slow, strengthening at-home yoga flow. Ahh...


Super into the pink pilates princess aesthetic but kind of lacking in the pilates department? If that's the case, this vid has your back. Pilates tones your entire bod, making it well worth your time. And who doesn't want to feel like a graceful swan when they're on the mat?


Does *anyone* enjoy working out on their period? (Asking for a friend.) It can be so uncomfortable that you just want to skip fitness altogether. But instead of wallowing in your PMS (or DMS) woes, you can move your bod in a suitable way for your cycle with this gentle flow. 

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Top image: Anastasia Hisel on Unsplash


by Kayla Conroy | 11/13/2023