5 things you should do if you're new to working out


Now that summer is over and you're back in a regular routine, you've decided you want to start working on your fitness, too. But, uh, how exactly do you start? We've got all of the top tips to take you from barbell beginner to pilates professional in no time. 

1. Make a schedule and stick to it.
When first starting out, develop a schedule of exercises and workout moves you feel comfortable with and set aside time each week to do them. Schedules are important because you can track how you're growing, plus you hold yourself accountable for working out.

2. Start off slow.
It may seem tempting to jump right into serious squats and hours of running. But working out is something that requires time and commitment so ease into the exercises. Maybe start your first week off with 20 sit-ups and move up to 30 the next week. Gradually increasing your intensity or time will help avoid injury or burnout.

3. Work out with a friend.
Working out with a friend is super fun and more than that, it’s motivating. A study by the University of Aberdeen found that exercising with someone else = more frequent sweat seshes. Ask one of your besties to hit the trails or the yoga studio—having someone with similar goals and commitment will prompt you to stick to your schedule and make your workout even better. 

4. Don’t forget to drink water!
It’s really easy to forget this, especially when you’re caught up in an intense workout routine. But when you’re exercising a lot, your body sweats and you need to be hydrated more. Remember to drink at least eight cups of water a day. If you feel tired, chances are that you need more water. 

5. Listen to your body.
Don’t overwork yourself: Feeling tired and sore is good, but not if it is too painful. Stretch properly before training, and don’t go super hard if it’s really hot outside. Know when to stop or when to take a break and keep in mind that some of the exercise machines at gyms can be dangerous if you are not using them correctly. Ask someone at the gym for help, or look online to see what weights you should be lifting. 

How did *you* start working out? Let us know in the comments!

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by Amrita Bhasin | 8/26/2018