How to survive the dreaded gym class mile run

That day you've been dreading has finally come: the day you run the timed mile in P.E. class. For those girls who aren't ecstatic about all things physical activity, mile day often feels like a miserable one. While we can't change the fact that you have to run, these tips may help make it just a little more bearable. 

Eat a good breakfast.
Running on an empty stomach is never a smart idea. A breakfast filled with fruits and protein at the start of your day will help give you the energy you need to pound the pavement. 

Water, water, water.
Staying hydrated is key before and after exercise. Did you know that you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water daily? It may seem like a lot but if you begin in the morning and pace yourself throughout the day, you’ll be finished in no time. A hydrated girl is a happy girl. 

Go at your own pace.
While some girls have a naturally competitive nature, that shouldn't impact you as you jog the mile in gym class. Regardless of how fast or slow others may be going around you, run at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Need help sticking to a good pace? Sing your favorite song over and over again in your head and jog to the beat. 

Run with a friend.
Pick a good running buddy and jog together from start to finish. Having someone to talk to while you run your laps can help distract you from how much further you might have to go. It could even be an opportunity to meet a new bestie.

Watch your form.
As difficult as this may seem for some of you, your posture and your attitude have a lot to do with how you perform. Even if you don't feel like running, try standing up straight and smiling a little as you jog. 

Try to wait until after you are finished your mile to stretch (it isn't good for your body to stretch cold muscles). Some hamstring and quad stretches at the end of your jog will help you stay away from sore spots the following day. 

How do you slay the timed mile? Share your tips below! 

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by Sydney Haywood | 4/15/2019