10 ways to spice up your running routine

Running rocks for just about a million reasons—it calms your mind, it releases endorphines and it's great for your physical health. For those running fanatics out there, we know it can be impossible to go a day without your scheduled jog through the neighborhood or nearby park. These daily runs are perfect for a little R&R, but if you are finding that you’re getting a little bored of these sweat-seshes here are 10 ways to bring some pizzazz to your routine:

1. Check out some new scenery. Who says you have to run through the same neighborhood every day? Try running at your high school track or along a hiking path near by for a breath of fresh (and different!) air.

2. Go for an Indian run. Bring some friends along and run in a line. The person in back has to sprint to the front of the line. Repeat for each person!

3. Take your dog. While you’re trying to get fit, bring your pup along for some much-needed outdoor time. Your dog will be thrilled and your run will automatically become more playful.

4. Try sprinting. Going on 30-45 minute jogs every day might be your forte, but have you ever tried sprinting back and forth across a field 20 times? Give it a go!

5. Run bleachers. This might feel like torture, but just try to think of it as something different. Go to your high school football bleachers and run up and down the stairs as many times as you can. We promise you will feel the burn.

6. Wear ankle weights. If you feel like you’ve plateaued and running has become way too easy, try wearing ankle weights—this will increase resistance and tone your legs.

7. Make a new playlist. What better way to find motivation than through new tunes? Create a playlist that is perfect for you and bump it while you pump it.

8. Track your run. With different fitness apps, you can track your distance to see just how far you're running each day. Then tomorrow, push yourself to go just a bit farther than you did today.

9. Donate to charity. The app Charity Miles will donate a small bit of money to your organization of choice every time you reach a certain distance. Run more, donate more—simple as that. (Consider using this app if you play Pokémon Go, too!)

10. Set goals. Have you ever run a 10K or half marathon before? Now is a perfect time to try. Sign up for a race in the future and train to reach your goal.

Are you a runner? What do you do to keep your runs interesting?

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by Julia Selsky | 7/26/2016