*This* is why you need to be honest with your doc


What do the most inspiring, female celebs like Demi Lovato and Zendaya have in common? Uh, a lot—they both use endorsement deals as a voice for empowering young girls, their influence against body shaming is so on point that we can’t even with the term ‘thigh gap’ anymore and they really just have the cutest personalities around.

But what do these awesome celebs have in common with y-o-u? They both have to go to the doctor on the reg.

Whether it’s another check-up before a new sporting season or you’re going through some changes that require professional help, a doctor visit is around the corner. And very rarely are we actually excited to head to our appointments. Usually we're a mix of scared, anxious and a little shy.

But before you put all of your unanswered questions to the back of your mind, remember how important it is to ask and to tell everything when your doctor has follow-up questions. You’re totally allowed (and encouraged!) to dig deep on any topic you feel necessary to your health. 

Sometimes you might feel hesitant to ask a family member about body changes. Your friends may not be exactly at the same point of adolescence that you are so they're not all that helpful. When you’re young it’s a lot of, “I heard this is what happens.” But it’s really all just hearsay. The inaccuracy of advice from girls your age could be what leads to more anxiousness about change. Being 100 percent honest with your doc is the only way you can get what you need out of a visit.

Not only is your doctor the most credible source at the moment and an actual professional at understanding your body (there's a reason doctors go to school forever) but they’re sensitive to the possibility that you’re uncomfortable. And guess what? They’re totally okay with it. 

Being concerned about your growing pains that ache all day, every day or whether or not your stress levels are seriously too high as a young girl is completely expected. The whole point of filling out a questionnaire in the waiting room is for this purpose. Your doctor is more than happy to make time for everything you’re interested in knowing about yourself. Even the concerns of that weird bump on your foot or why your pee smells funny. Seriously, they want to know *everything*.

Being less timid and more honest with your doctor is the ultimate gateway to body knowledge. It’s understandable to feel hesitant or shy but know that it's completely normal. And that nothing you say will shock your doc or make him/her uncomfortable. They're there to help and the only way they can do that is if you are completely open. If it helps, ask your mom to come in the exam room with you. Or, on the other hand, if you're more comfortable without her, ask to go in alone.

Are you ever embarrassed or shy about talking to your doctor? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 5/15/2018