Eat Right

Be Kind!

I used to eat granola bars in the afternoon. Until I looked at the ingredient list and saw high fructose corn syrup, BHT (a preservative) and glycerin. What part of that sounds healthy?
But sometimes a girl is on the go and needs a snack that takes two secs to prep and isn’t gonna bruise in your bag (sorry, banana).
That’s what led me to check out an Almond and Coconut Kind Fruit Nut bar. It was crunchy but sweet, and weighs in with 11 grams of sugar (slightly less than a granola bars, but about the same as a serving of Lucky Charms). That said, it doesn’t actually contain any oats—it’s more like a hunk o’ almonds topped with coconut than anything else.

The Kind bar was kinda heavy on calories (just under 200) but the ingredient list was short and not that sweet (no fake or junky sugars!). It’s not gonna replace my new post-lunch snack (an apple or carrots and hummus). But if I was gonna be doing some serious hiking, I’d bring a Kind bar along with me. to find ‘em near you. 
by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016