Eat Right

Yes! Hang out and still eat smart!

Even the most food-savvy girl can be faced with confuzzling choices when she’s out and about. We find your best picks no matter where you are.

Studying at Starbucks
Cramming at the café can lead to cravings. Smart solution? Snag a two-pack of black and white cookies. The bag is about 240 calories, plus you could easily save one for later. And not to be a buzzkill, but a Starbucks grande mocha has almost 500 calories (that’s double cheeseburger territory).

Basketball Game with your Boys
You wanna swing by the concession stand to say hi to the senior cuties raising money for the cause. Just pick a slice of cheese pizza over hot dogs. It’s not a nutritional slamdunk, but you’ll skip the salty mystery meat and get some calcium and lycopene. And that’ll land you points any day.

Friday Night Flicks
We’re giving buttered popcorn a bad review. It has over 800 calories (yes, you read that right, 800). The right ticket? Believe it or not, candy—even a big box of Junior Mints has just under 400 cals.

Mall Madness with Your Mom
Shopping sales at the mall can zap your energy in about 20 minutes flat. A frosty sip seems like the perfect pick-me-up. Snag a small Orange Julius (just over 100 calories) and skip the frozen hot cocoa from DQ, which comes in at 900 cals—that’s like eating three Gorditas from Taco Bell!

Super Bowl Party
Pass on pigskin party faves like chicken wings or seven-layer dip and intercept some turkey chili instead. It’s packed with protein and only about 300 calories a cup. Super-loaded potato skins rush for over 1,000 cals. Foul! 
1/30/2009 3:28:00 PM