Eat Right

These Insta accounts prove vegan food is delicious

Warning: Scrolling through the following Instagram accounts will make you very very hungry. Side effects include becoming vegan, stomach growling and quick movement towards a refrigerator. Seriously, you *have* to check out these pages—they're totally inspiring and the recipes will have you drooling all the way to the store...whether you're vegan or not!


This college student turned blogger features tasty photos of vegan versions of your fave eats on her Instagram.  There's everything from delicious looking vegan donuts to sweet potato waffle fries loaded with lots of yummy vegan toppings! 


 You'll be heading to your local Trader Joe's after scrolling through plantbasedjane's page. She has a link to all the recipe's in her bio so you can replicate your faves.


If you love vegan burgers and sandwiches this is the account for you. Avantgardevegan is all about the harty yet delicious vegan dishes.


This blog showcases the sweeter side of veganism. From fruit dishes to cakes and vegan chocolates, you name it she's made it.  Not only are the treats here sweet to eat but they're beautifully adorned with fresh flowers.


Don't be fooled by the name, you can find more than just artfully photographed baked goods here. There are baked casseroles,vegan pasta recipes and even vegan pumpkin spice icecream! 


The recipes on this account are so colorful and vibrant not only will it inspire your vegan diet but it will boost your mood too. Who even knew you could  make vegan rainbow pancakes? We'll have some over here please.

Which  Instagram account has you the most inspired...or hungry?


by Lauren McMillan | 10/23/2018