Eat Right

TUESDAY Q-DAY: PB & Banana Sammies

Q: What can I eat before practice that’s healthy AND will give me lasting energy?

A: We chatted up Heidi Skolnick, the nutrition expert who works with the New York Giants, to find out her best-ever healthy ‘n’ filling snack option. Her recommendation? A peanut butter and banana sandwich. It sounds crazy, we know, but it’s an energy-packed and totally delish snack. It’ll keep you filled, without making you feel full.

Just slap some PB and slices of a banana on a piece of whole wheat bread and your good to go! Best of all, this snack won’t spoil in your locker while waiting for practice.

Blog It Out… What's your fave pre-workout snack? Do you heart PB and banana sammies?

5/27/2008 1:53:00 PM