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SURVEY SAYS: Back-To-School Shopping


CHECK IT OUT! Here's another short and sweet survey from one of our very own Blog Babes! Fill it out, read other answers and don't forget to submit your own below!

Hey everyone! Can you guys wait for Back-To-School shopping? I’ve concocted a little back-to-school shopping survey for everyone!

1. What is your favorite store? Abercrombie or Limited Too.
2. If your favorite store went out of business, what would you do? Cry a lot.
3. What is your least favorite trend this summer? Crocs, for sure!
4. If you could either have a $10000 shopping spree, or hang with Johnny Depp for a day, what would you choose? Umm… too hard to decide!
5. Eek! they ran out of your size in the cutest sweater you’ve had your eye on! What will you do? Go find a better sweater.
6. How would you describe your style? Girly, but sometimes a bit preppy, with a sprinkle of glam mixed in.
7. Do you prefer brand name stores or vintage shops? Brand name stores.
8. A perfect day of shopping is coming to a close when you see the most adorable sneakers in the history of the universe! Too bad you only have $10 left. What do you do? Wait until you can afford them.
9. If you had a choice between a new Coach bag, or a Dooney and Bourke bag, which one would you get? A cute Coach bag.
10. Describe your perfect outfit. Ehh…a red and white cami with a cropped black jacket paired with a jean mini and some cute flats.

That is all! Hope you enjoyed it!

- Rachel

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7/25/2007 8:27:03 AM