Survey Says

SURVEY SAY? A Quiz For Anyone

1. What are u listening to right now? The fan
2. What’s the last thing you ate? A pretzel & chicken nuggets
3. If u could be a crayon, what color?!
4. Who’s the last person u spoke to on the phone? My mom
5. What's ur fave drink? Chocolate milk
6. What’s ur fave sport to watch on television? Football
7. Have u ever dyed ur hair? What color? Nope
8. Fave day of the year? Christmas (December 25)!
9. How do u vent anger? Talk to my friends
10. What’s ur fave toy as a child? Stuffed Pooh Bear (I still have it. LOL...shh!)
11. Hugs or kisses? Hugs
12. When was the last time u cried? Today in math, laughin’ really hard
13. What did u do last night? Performed in a concert
14. What r u afraid of? Being tickled! I'm SO ticklish!
15. Fave day of the week? Friday, def
16. I have to ask, did u like this quiz? Well I made it, so yeah!


GOT YOUR OWN SURVEY? Send it to Jiae at, with the words Survey Says in the subject line, and you could have your survey featured on the Fun Stuff blog! How cool is that?

5/31/2008 12:00:00 AM