Blush Much

Blush Much? Stop The Bus


One day I was at school and I really needed to talk to a friend. (She was having BF issues.) When the bell rang, I quickly got to my locker and grabbed my stuff so I could talk to her on the bus. Right as I was walking out the doors, the office called my name to come down. Dieing to hear what my friend had to say, I ignored them and got on the bus. All was going fine until I saw my mom running after the bus screaming for it to stop. After basically the whole school noticed my moms antics, the bus driver finally stop the bus. He called my name over the loud speaker and I had to walk off while everyone sat staring. I had totally forgotten that I had an orthodontist appointment! To top it off, I never even got to talk to my friend until the next day.


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8/3/2007 12:01:41 PM