Blush Much

These embarrassing Zoom moments are *so* hilarious (and relatable)

That awkward Zoom moment when...

"...You log in too early and get stuck making small talk with your least favorite teacher." - Abigail K. 

"The call suddently gets super quiet...and your whole class can hear your dad randomly singing opera in the kitchen." - Amari B. 

"Your sis bursts into your room loudly asking where you put your stash of extra-large pads and tampons." - Priyanka S. 

"...You ask your BFF if her cute older brother went back to college yet—and he pops up on camera to say hi." - Danae V. 

"Your dog jumps on your bed...knocking over your laptop so that your whole class can see your Spongebob PJ pants." - Shelby S. 

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by GL | 1/4/2021