Blush Much

This girl did the ultimate Facebook oops!

I'm starting college in the fall and I just signed up for Facebook because I hear that's what college people do...I'm more of an Insta/TikTok/Snap person, but I figured FB will help me keep in touch with family and make new friends. Anyway, on day one of signing up, I obviously started doing some snooping on my crush, who's been on FB for years. I typed his name into what I thought was the search bar, but then my mom called me down for dinner so I got distracted and went downstairs to eat. An hour later, I go back up to my room to see that I had 7 new notifications on FB and 16 texts from my soon as I opened the first text from my BFF, Alaina, my heart sunk. "Ummm, why do you have Sam's name as your status on FB right now?!" That search bar that I thought I typed into? Yeah....that was the status bar. The good news? Sam "liked" the post.  

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by GL | 5/24/2020