Blush Much

This girl gave her crush tampons for Christmas!

Last Christmas I had a huge crush on this boy named Phil and worked up the nerve to buy him his favorite chocolate as a sweet little gift. I suck at wrapping presents so my BFF came over and we jokingly wrapped a few things around my house to practice. On the day I was going to give Phil his gift, I woke up late and was rushing out of the house to catch the bus. I grabbed his present, my backpack and my jacket, then caught the bus just in time. At lunch, I walked over to Phil with the hugest grin on my face and handed him his gift. He opened it and then gave me the weirdest look ever. "Why would you give me these?!" he shouted. I looked down and saw that I had accidentally grabbed a box of tampons that me and my bestie wrapped to practice. Phil barely even looked at me for weeks!

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by GL | 12/15/2019