Blush Much

That time a GL reader flashed the entire audience at the school play...

I tried out for the role of Maria in my school's production of "West Side Story" and was so excited when I actually got the part. We practiced for months and I had to learn lines,  memorize choreography and sing. During rehearsals, I always wore leggings because they're my go-to, which brings me to my crazy embarrassing story: On opening night, 750 people filled the auditorium at my school, including my entire family, all of my teachers and more than a few cute boys. During one dance scene, I have to twirl around a lot, and I was mid-spin when I felt a rush of cold air on my butt. I couldn't break character so I had to keep spinning and spinning knowing full well that the entire place was catching glimpses of my cheeks and my thong. I wanted to cry! My teacher even told me that that song can't be in the video because my "issue" needs to be edited out! 

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by GL | 11/25/2019