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These 10 *embarrassing* mistletoe moments are so cringeworthy

Embarrassing moments are part of life, but they seem to sneak up on us when we least expect it...especially during the holidays.

Are you planning to look *so* cute for your crush on Christmas? Or meet them under the mistletoe? Yeah, these 10 girls did, too. But let's just say that their experiences were more cringeworthy than cute.

Read on for some "OMG I'm glad that's not me!" moments

1. The Card Catastrophe 
It was Christmas Eve and my family had a huge party. I have a crush on my family friend's son, so I decided to write him an anonymous letter, saying he's all I wanted for Christmas. I thought I heard him walk into the bathroom, so I slid the card under the door. I was very excited—until his dad came out a few minutes later, card in hand. 

2. Not-So-Perfect Kiss
I was dared by my friends to kiss the popular guy at school right before winter break. He had told everyone he was moving, thinking I would never see him again, I grabbed his face and pressed it against my own. When I got back to school after Christmas, he was still there—he'd only moved a couple blocks! To make things worse, he walked up and said, "You could've used a mint."

3. The Gracious Skater
My BF and I went skating with our friends. He decided to just watch from the bleachers, so I wanted to impress him with my moves. I skated really fast down the ice, jumped and ended up flipping over onto my stomach. I slid all the way down the rink looking like a penguin and hit my face on the wall. Everyone saw.

4. Miss-tletoe
My friend invited a ton of people over for her holiday party. Mistletoe was hanging all over the place so when I was talking to my crush, I pointed out a bunch above us. He said, "Gross. Why would I kiss you?" What's worse is I saw him talking to another girl later on. He pointed to the mistletoe and they kissed.

5. Gum Girl Blues
I had just joined chorus and was totally psyched for the holiday concert. The second we stepped on stage, though, I realized I had forgotten to spit out my gum. I kept it on the roof of my mouth the entire show, and it worked...until the middle of "Frosty the Snowman." I accidentally spit it out...right onto my crush's pants. I'm still known as "gum girl" to this day. 

6. Sneezy Spin the Bottle
I was at my BFF's holiday party and my friend suggested we play Spin the Bottle. Right before the game started, I leaned over and said to my crush, "I hope we get to kiss!" Instead, I got the biggest dork, who ended up sneezing in my mouth in front of everyone. Of course, my crush got to kiss the hottest girl in class. 

7. The Note Mix-Up
I was cleaning out my locker before winter break when all the notes my friends and I had passed that semester fell on the floor. My crush came to help me pick them up and, before I could stop him, he grabbed a note written about him and started reading everything!

8. Sweater Disaster
My parents and I were at a family friend's holiday party, and their hot son was there. I was sitting on the couch talking to his mom when he walked by, so I tried to make myself look cute by brushing my hair out of my face with my hand. Well, I got my braces stuck on my sweater mid-brush and my dad had to use scissors to cut me free. 

9. Daydreaming Gone Wrong
We were watching a movie in class, and I dozed off. when it was over, my friends didn't even bother to wake me up. Apparently, I had been dreaming about my crush Josh, and I murmured his name. I woke up to everyone laughing at me. I ran to the bathroom and stayed there the rest of the day. 

10. The Almost Kiss
Last year at my family's holiday getogether, this guy I sort of know was flirting with me. Later on, he caught me under some mistletoe, which was put up as a joke. Just as he leaned in to kiss me, my little cousins "accidentally" knocked me into him. We fell, and everyone realized we were about to kiss. People still talk about it.

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by Audrey Bartholomew and Logan Potter | 11/20/2018
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