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Is my hair down there normal?

I am turning 13 in less than a week, and my hair 'down there' is already really dark, long and curly. It's been like that for about a year or two. Is that weird?

Breathe deep, girl – that’s totally normal. Your hair “down there” can start growing as early as age 8, and even finish up by age 12. There’s a lot of variety between girls as to when they start puberty.  Some girls start to develop early, others are more “late bloomers.” It’s even normal for a chica to be far along in one area of development, like pubic hair, but not in another, like breast growth.

Pubic hair also differs in appearance, amount and color between individuals. It can be thick or spread out, dark or lighter in color. Family background often plays a role in when and how we develop, but there can even be differences among relatives. So if your friends or girls in your fam are having a different experience than you, don’t freak! You’re fine just the way you are.  

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by Marie Hansen | 2/1/2016