Your guide to the best shower ever

If you don't already know what ~the~ shower is, we're here to help. It's basically a shower-turned-spa day, and we are *so* here for that self-care. We've put together an official guide to taking the best shower ever, including which products to use and what to listen to—because, tbh, music is a must when it comes to relaxing. 

1. Put on your fave face mask.
Whether you prefer mud, gel or peel-offs, what better way to start your chill-out sesh than with a face mask? Get your skin feeling fresh and hydrated before you even hop in the shower. I Dew Care's Yoga Kitten mask is one of our faves. 


2. Light that new candle that you've been saving.
Who else tucks an amaze candle away for months because they're saving it for a special occasion? We def do. Aromatherapy is a great tool for relaxing, whether you light a candle or simply plug in your trusty essential oil diffuser. Pro tip: Scents like lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile are best for letting go of any stress you may be holding onto. 


3. Use that deep conditioning mask you keep forgetting about.
Having a bad hair week? (We've been there.) Hair masks are an awesome way to spice up your shower. Apply and wait the directed amount of time for the perfect hair reset. We like these hydrating masks from Maui Moisture, perfect for curly hair. 


4. Set the perf mood with the right playlist.
Whether you're blasting throwback jams (i.e. a Hannah Montana sing-along) or you're cranking up a carefully curated queue of peaceful tunes, listening to music in the shower is an instant seratonin boost. Because, honestly, what's better than an impromptu shower concert?! Check out our amaze (and highly specific, ofc) playlists HERE

5. Treat yourself to a brand-new body scrub.
Can you ever *really* have too many shower products? (No—the answer is no.) Whether you love Dove or are a die-hard Bath and Body Works fan, if you're looking to up your shower game, you should totally try something new. These body scrubs from Tree Hut come in super fun and fruity scents. 


6. Put your dryer to good use.
For maximum coziness, stick your robe, towel or pajamas in the dryer during your shower. This way, you'll stay warm and fuzzy long after you've finished what might be the best. shower. ever. You're welcome.

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by Miriam Riley | 4/15/2022