Can't sleep? These crystals might help

ICYMI, sleep is pretty important. And by that we mean it's *really* important. So if you aren't getting enough night after night (aka 7-9 hours), everything from your mood to your concentration to your bod can seriously suffer. 

For the girls who have trouble falling (or staying) asleep, you know the struggle is real. From turning off your phone to drinking warm milk, you've tried everything. Or so you thought. But have you tried crystals? If not, it may be worth giving gems a try, according to Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse. Below, the crystal connoisseur shares her secrets for scoring a sounder snooze sesh.

How can crystals help you sleep better?
"The more stressed we get about our homework, friends and future goals, the less connected we feel to the peaceful energy of nature. Crystals are synced with the energy of the Earth. By placing these natural elements in our bedroom, we can reconnect with the calming essence of Mother Earth. Whether you hold the crystals or simply have them in your room, they will remind you to get out of your chaotic mind and back into a more balanced and grounded state which makes relaxing into sleep is much easier."

Which crystals are best for improving sleep? 
"My three favorites for releasing anxiety and stress before bed are Celestite (aka the Cosmic Lullaby), Selenite (aka Liquid Light) and Angel Aura Quartz (aka the Unicorn Stone). Each of these are powerful stones with a reputation for lending you some much needed peace of mind."

How do you actually use those crystals the right way?
"One easy method is to use Celestite in the palms of your hands as you take a series of deep, calming breaths before tucking in. Simply hold the gem and visualize the positive, soothing energy filling your body with each breath you take in through your nose. Then imagine any negative stress you have leaving your body as you exhale out of your mouth. You’ll probably notice after a few breaths that you’ve already began to feel more relaxed and at ease. Celestite is a great stone to get in touch with when worries are throwing your mind into overdrive. When you’re done, place the Celestite on your bedside table.

You can also set an Angel Aura Quartz on the nightstand, and program it with the intention of having sweet, restorative dreams. Programming an intention sounds complicated, but it just means setting a positive goal for your mind. To cleanse the energy of yourself and your room, place a small piece of Selenite under the pillow for soothing vibes."  

Where can we get crystals that aren't super expensive?
"The great thing about crystals becoming popular is that there are more places for people to purchase their stones from. If you have a shop that specializes in crystals in your local area, stop by. Even if the stones are out of your price range, you can get a feel for which crystals you’re especially drawn to.

The main thing you’ll want to keep in mind is to buy from someone you know is a credible crystal vendor. Places like Energy Muse, who know their vendors and can assure that the crystals they provide have been ethically sourced, are best, as you will know that the stones you receive are treated with the utmost care and not just ripped from the Earth. Shop around and trust your intuition that you know which crystal is right for you."

For more info (aka how to use crystals in *every* part of your life), snag Heather's new book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune Into the Real You.

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by Amanda Tarlton | 10/26/2017