Earthing is the new trend that could make you *way* healthier


Newsflash: Earthing is a trendy thing RN...but you're probably already doing it. It's actually just a fancy name for going sans shoes, aka barefoot. But recent studies have shown that it actually has health benefits (yay!).

Earthing is all about being grounded and making direct contact with the natural surface of the earth by walking barefoot on sand, soil or grass. Health benefits such as improved sleep and increased antioxidants are caused by being in contact with the natural charge and electrons in the earth.

Other benefits include reduced stress, boosted immunity, and decreased inflammation. Not only that, but earthing increases the surface charge of red blood cells which means that you’d be at less of a risk for heart disease. Super cool, right?

Even if you’re not barefoot, daily walks are effective in improving both your health and mood. Next time you’re taking a stroll in the park, along the beach or even in your backyard, try going barefoot.

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by Shilpa Raj | 4/14/2017
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